Las Tablas, the place for flamenco

20 years of Flamenco

Founded by Flamenco dancers (bailaoras) Antonia Moya and Marisol Navarro, to unfold a personal view of Flamenco show: delicate, rigourous and vanguardist.

We have the place with the biggest stage for Flamenco in Madrid. With a modern design, thought for the public and artists convenience.

Cuadro flamenco con bailaora sentada en bata de lunares
Picture of Marisol Navarro

At the forefront of Flamenco Show

Our founders have pioneered the use of theater technical resources, unknown to Flamenco Tablao to this point, like lights, acoustic and staging. Nevertheles keeping spontaneity and freshness of the Tablao.

Escena de baile Flamenco

Encouraging creative freedom

We have young and master figures of today’s Flamenco with personal  new proposals.

In our place they get the necessary freedom for new creations emerge.

Detalle de pies

Taking care of artistic quality

LAS TABLAS team have responsability and artistic sensitivity.

That is why there is a natural respect for the flamenco show on the part of the waiters and the public.