In Las Tablas we offer a varied, quality flamenco show. There is always room for new proposals by talented young artists, as well as acclaimed artists.

In Las Tablas, we insist on artistic responsibility and sensitivity, and so the atmosphere is one of natural respect for flamenco performances.

We present flamenco shows every night at 7 and 9 p.m., featuring the best contemporary artists.

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Cuadro flamenco con bailaora sentada en bata de lunares

next weeks

From 1 to 5 of January
Miguel Téllez, Anabel Moreno and Ana González


Cuadro Flamenco Las Tablas y José Barrios
From 6 to 12 of January
Cuadro Flamenco Las Tablas and Rafael Peral


Mariana Collado, Ruben Ramos y Daniel Puertas
January 13 to 19
Mariana Collado and Carlos Chamorro
“Bailes Robados” 


Cuadro flamenco Las Tablas y Paco Hidalgo
Jaunary 20 to 26
Cuadro Flamenco Las Tabla and Paco Hidalgo


Cuadro flamenco Las Tablas y Paco Hidalgo
Cuadro Flamenco Las Tablas con Marcos Morales o Rafael Jiménez
From 27 to 31 of January and 1 to 2 of February.


Ricardo Moro, Jesús Perona and Carmen Coy