Exposición de fotografías Flamenco.CROM


Ten original art photografies on white Dibond, limited edition of five copies each, numbered and signed.

The photografy exhibition “Unlimited / Flamenco.crom”, is an original production of Antonia Moya for Las Tablas Tablao Flamenco. This is one of the many different initiatives around Flamenco culture promoted by Las Tablas.

The exhibition has toured around several places in and out Madrid.

Diego Gallardo López (Campanario 1977)
Diego Gallardo López has a degree in History of Art from Extremadura University. In 2004, he combined photography with his other passion, flamenco. His references include photographers Colita, Pepe Lamarca and Elke Stolzember. Of particular mention are his “flamencuras,” begun in 2006 and consisting of more than 36,000 images in the archives. It was exhibited all over Spain, as well as in Portugal, Río de Janeiro, Fez and Rabat. In addition, other work deserves great praise: notably, his series “flamencas con voz,” flamenco with no additions or retouches, which is a homage to women’s participation in flamenco singing. It is currently being featured in different venues of the Instituto Cervantes.

Alberto Romo (Sanlúcar de Barrameda 1991)
Alberto Romo received his photographic training from the Laboratorio de Imagen in Jérez de la Frontera, studying with photographers Miguel Ángel Castaño and Miguel Quirós. In 2013 he moved to Madrid, where he has exhibited on contemporary flamenco artists, including “Con el flamenco en las manos” (“With Flamenco in Our Hands,” 2014) or “Letras pal baile” (“Lyrics for Dance, 2015) which received the IV Ángel Lacalle Flamenco Distinction award, en Silla de Oro de Leganés, Madrid.

Land, roots, art, wind, tradition, passion, soul, fire, bravery, flowing, water, past, present, future… always future…. How can we define flamenco? How can we capture it in images? How can we bring flamenco photography into contemporary awareness? How to make it live, current, fresh? Antonia Moya, a bailaora born in Granada in 1958, became fascinated with these questions and conceptualized a photographic exhibit using flamenco as a background. She wanted nothing of the status quo – that was clear in her mind from the very beginning! This is how UNLIMITED/FLAMENCO.CROM was born. It is an exhibit in which we aim to show a new conceptualization of flamenco from a visual viewpoint on the basis of digital photography.

We have had the support of photographers Diego Gallardo López and Alberto Romo, who from the very start, adopted the idea and worked on the Project with passion and undeniable talent. Echoes of POP-ART (how would Warhol have envisaged flamenco?) and new technologies are connected in an exhibit that has a series of images, printed in white dibond, that seek to leave no viewer indifferent. Allow yourselves to be carried away, enjoy each work with your heart, your eyes, and with timeless flamenco… Land, roots, art, wind, tradition, passion, soul, fire, bravery, flowing, water, past, present, future… always future

Text of the exhibit brochure: Roberto García

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