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About us

Flamenco Las Tablas room in full action.


LAS TABLAS was founded by Flamenco dancers Antonia Moya and Marisol Navarro over 10 years ago.
Antonia and Marisol became pioneers in the Madrid Flamenco scene by making use of previously unheard-of theatrical techniques, including lights, acoustics and elaborate staging, while retaining the spontaneity and freshness typical of the art.
In addition to featuring numerous acclaimed figures of contemporary Flamenco, LAS TABLAS gives emerging artists the freedom they need to showcase new creations.
At LAS TABLAS, we act with artistic responsibility and sensibility, and the natural respect our staff and audiences hold for the art of Flamenco is almost tangible.


Thanks to our elaborate staging, venue layout, quality stagecraft and artistic freedom, LAS TABLAS has become one of the most highly regarded and important Flamenco stages in Madrid.
LAS TABLAS does more than give twice-daily showcases of great Flamenco. To do our part in the arduous task of promoting the art of Flamenco, we collaborate with El Círculo Flamenco de Madrid, a non-profit organization, by regularly lending them our space and technical resources throughout the year.
The very highest caliber of artists takes part in these events, resulting in an unmatched Flamenco experience.
Our commitment to the art of Flamenco, passion in all that we do, varied repertoire and positive attitude towards new challenges have made it possible for us to create a responsible Flamenco stage that is dedicated to providing high-quality shows and service every day.
We’re a young, centrally located, friendly business that is continually improving in order to provide the best possible atmosphere for our art and the most comfortable venue for our audiences.

Flamenco performance with Antonia Moya.

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